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....... B.O.C. - on their feet , not on their knees. ZM.

Sounds like they have progressed musically too, some nice guitar going on there.


Has a bit of Jam band feel to it, well the first song did.

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Hi All,   VIKINGS CHANT - SKALD   and    Heilung - Lifa   JJ

Hugh Cornwall, in fine voice, performs Golden Brown with a Mariachi band.     

.......... I regret that these guys never made it down under. I think they cop a certain amount of disrespect due to over familiarity of the " hit", but they have a great back catalogue, and Tom has one of the most distinctive tones around. This is a great concert.


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Listen to these kids, and i like how they arent trying to get famous on tv or anything, doing it old schoool


Whilst checking out the above clip, I just randomly picked another clip by this band!




VERY worth checking out! :thumb:




EDIT: Every song they play is great!

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It's addictive this 8 minute plus track if your in the right mood for it... 8 ball




*Why is it that some times you can get youtube to load in the post and other times you just get a link to load+click?

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New vid from Sticky Fingers.

I don't want you lot perving on my daughter's boobs................so look away near the end.




...errr, thanks for the tip LP!


A stunning bunch of girls hey?


As long as they are older than 'my' daughter, then they are fair game (to look at)!

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So, so good :love :love

I am besotted with Southeastern. The songs give me goosebumps.

Regards Cazzesman

This is the first I have listened to JI. I enjoyed it very much.
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