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HiFace 2 vs Asus Xonar Essence ST

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With my fairly limited budget to build a new media PC, the choice of a transport has come down to either of the two devices which I will connect using a Coax digital cable .

Has anyone done a comparison between the two, or would share their thought?


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Are you going to be using if for video or just audio? I've read that the Hiface can introduce a delay so that the audio will be out of sync with the video. This may only be with the mac driver though.

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I have the Essence STX card and it is a very, very good digital source. I prefer it to the JKSPDIF, which uses a HiFace. I believe the ST and STX are the same with the exception of one being PCI and the other PCI-E.

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@automated - thanks for the heads up. I am using it primarily for audio, but it is worthwhile keeping that in mind. At least I wouldn't be too surprised when it happens....

@twwen2 - Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have gone ahead and bought a HiFace2 and will see how I go. It certainly was a hard choice (for me anyways) between the two. Looking forward for it to arrive at the door.........

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I'd be surprised if there were an audio delay with the hiface 2 as no custom drivers are required. 😃

I think it's more of a problem when used on iMacs.

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I don't think the audio delay with the hiface v1 is unique to os x......or is it? Anyone use one with Windows able to confirm?

No, the audio delay is also on Windows but it is just larger on OS X, AFAIK.

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I found slight delay in audio while using hiface v1. As I use the system to play back some recorded TV programs as well as music, it was enough to scratch the idea and look for something else.

I had a much better result with the V-link II. I reckon it does better than the ST my mate has, but that wasn't a direct comparison.

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