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SOLD: FS: QED Signature Audio S RCA interconnect 1 mtre pair

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"Robust and precisely engineered interconnect, the QED Signature Audio S is perfect for getting the best performance from your audio system."

Item: QED Audio S Signature RCA 1 mtre interconnect


Price: SOLD

Item Condition: Demoed once-as new in box

Reason for selling: Not needed

Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Aus Post

Extra Info:

  • Silver Plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors with foamed polyethylene dielectric - for sonic purity
  • Tri-parallel conductor geometry with dual layer electrostatic screen - for ultimate signal integrity
  • Rhodium plated Signature RCA plugs featuring eight leaf ground ring, split centre pin and, precision engineered barrel with bonded aluminium shell - enhanced contact areas ensure optimal signal transfer.





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I am sure it would go fine, Vinilink.

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    • By Nap250
      Item: Audioquest Angel RCA 2m
      Location: Artarmon Sydney
      Price: $650 $700 + fees and postage
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal as friend, direct credit
      Extra Info:  This retails for US$1,400 in the US before GST and equates to approx $2,050 before postage. I have the original packaging and box used by Audioquest when they converted on end from 5 pin din to RCA. 
      To respect different budgets and honor the wide breadth of applications, AudioQuest offers seven models of these new multi-application low-distortion analog interconnects. All include AudioQuest’s proven design expertise featuring: better metals, superior geometry, and our exclusive Noise-Dissipation System. For the upper four models, we employ Air-Tube Insulation, while the top three models use AudioQuest's amazingly effective Dielectric-Bias System (DBS).

      Great sound and great pictures, music that consumes you, movies that transport you around the universe ... all come from honoring the original signal. An unavoidable fact-of-life: Every component and cable in a system causes some amount of distortion. These aberrations add up, like layers of foggy glass between you and the image. The goal of high quality components and cables is to be like clean clear panes of glass, altering and distorting the information as little as possible. Some of the most fundamental distortion mechanisms are honored and addressed by AudioQuest’s 4-Elements. Any improvement in these areas of design and materials results in less damage and a more effective, immersive experience.

      Solid Conductors
      Electrical and magnetic interaction between strands is one of the greatest sources of distortion in normal cables. Separate solid conductors prevent interaction between strands.

      In addition to insulating, all conductor coatings are also a “dielectric.” Signal flow is slowed down and distorted by a dielectric, making the choice of mate- rial, and AQ’s Dielectric-Bias System, very important.

      The relationship between conductors, whether of the same polarity (+ & +) or opposite polarity (+ & -) af- fects many electrical and mechanical parameters, in- cluding capacitance, inductance, RF Interference, etc.

      Metal Quality
      Conductor material quality has a pronounced effect on the signal passing through. Different materials have more or less impurities, grain boundaries, surface irregularities, etc.

      DBS System
      High-frequency engineers often believe that “low-frequency” audio is just so simple ... but in fact, it is very difficult to handle a multi-octave audio signal without damaging the time relationships that define individual sounds.

      Even when multi-channel audio is packaged as a single-channel digital stream, as in HDMI, USB, FireWire, Coax, AES/EBU, Toslink, etc., time-based data corruption, known as “jit- ter,” causes unfixable damage to the information package.
      In addition to insulating, “insulation” is also a “dielectric.” This means that it interacts with any nearby electrical signal, slowing down the signal. Absolute speed is not itself rel- evant, but when insulation is un-biased, it slows down different frequencies and different amplitudes by varying degrees, a significant distortion mechanism.

      AudioQuest’s DBS creates a strong and stable electrostatic field, which saturates and po- larizes (organizes) the molecules of the insulation. This minimizes both energy storage in the dielectric, and the multiple nonlinear time-delays. Sound appears from a surprisingly blacker background with unexpected detail and dynamic contrast. Because DBS creates a field, but does no “work,” the DBS pack’s batteries will last for years. A test button and LED allow for the occasional battery check.

    • By Nap250
      Item:  Nordost Solar Wind 1metre RCA to 5 pin din
      Location:  Artarmon Sydney
      Price: $80 + paypal + postage
      Item Condition: Excellent - no box
      Reason for selling: Gone Lavardin integrated
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info: Excellent value cable RCA to 5 pin din. No box but can pack for posting if required.
      Additional Information
      Brand NORDOST Specifications Insulation Extruded Teflon Material Silver plated 99.99999% OFC Conductor 12 x Round micro litz Capacitance 7.6pF per foot Resistance 0.16uH per foot Propagation Delay 92% Speed of light Pictures:

    • By sonusfidelio
      Item:      2 x Xindak FP-Gold  Power Cables (1.5M, US Plug)
                     1 x Xindak FA-Gold RCA Interconnect Cables (1M, WBT connectors)
                     1 x Kimber Kable Select KS1020 RCA Interconnect Cables (.75M, WBT 0108 connectors)      SOLD
                     1 x Supra USB 2.0 Cable (1M)     SOLD
                     1 x Luminous Audio Synchestra Silver Speaker Cables (8 feet) [hardly used]

      Location:   North Epping, Sydney

      Price:    Xindak FP-Gold  Power Cables - $260 (each)
                     Xindak FA-Gold RCA Interconnect Cables - $350
                     Kimber Kable Select KS1020 RCA Interconnect Cables (with original case) - $550   SOLD
                     Supra USB 2.0 Cable - $40  SOLD
                    Luminous Audio Synchestra Silver Speaker Cables (8 feet) - $500 a pair
                    Open to Reasonable Offers

      Item Condition:   All in Very Good Condition
      Reason for selling:   Surplus
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Shipment at buyer's cost
      Extra Info:
      Xindak FP-Gold Power Cable (following description from Xindak website)
      The wire is made of multi-strand electrum wire and multi-strand brass wire without oxidization by intertwisting the two kinds of wire together by using a special technology, among which, the electrum wire is made by uniform mixing 5% 4N bullion and 95% 4N argentine together under fusion state and smelting by using the most advanced vacuum smelting technology. This kind of wire has a very high bearing capacity for current and a high speed of transmission, with best isolation between wires. A metal shielding mesh with a argentine coat is specially designed in the exterior of the wire, so as to prevent the bad influence to a great extent caused by the Hertzian waves from the outside, and improve the pureness when repaying music. The superior power plug selected is better to ensure good connection with the socket. The audition shows that the bearing capacity of current is very high in the wire, it has obvious progress in the acoustic fidelity and identifying capability, the music is clearer. The whole frequency reflects quickly, sound field is magnificent; especially the low frequency is deeper with better flexibility.
      Xindak FA-Gold RCA Interconnect Cables (following description from Xindak website)
      The basic materials of the wire are electrum semaphore foil, which is smelted by using the most advanced vacuum smelting technology at present. The wire adopts the multi-piece electrum foil and 5N monocrystal non-oxidation copper foil by using particular method of isolation and especially rarefied method of two-way spiral winding at the positive electrode and cathode separately, assisting with the wooden balls with function of damping and muffler, assisting with special shockproof stuff and a densely weaved shielding mesh made of non-oxidation copper with an argentine coat. Adorning soft PVE shaped tube outside the wire and luxury nylon jacket.
      Because the foil-style wire of signal transmission can be used to improve the "skin effect" of the high frequency signals to a great extent during the process of conductor transmission, so as to reduce effectively characteristics impedance of the transmission wire. In addition, the special technology of spiral winding can further reduce capacitance between the foil wires, so as to reduce greatly the distortion of phase and range, make the music more clear and the transient better, moreover, the superconduct function of the electrum foil can create the following effects: more and clearer conduction of music signal, richer music gradation, richer overtone and thicker music taste.
      The audition shows that it is very excellent in identifying ability for the middle and high frequency in the music; the timbre is exquisite and smooth just like feeling silk and satin. Especially, the character of the middle frequency is minuteness and thick, It in very good in power and elasticity of both middle and low frequency without any tight and stiff sense. Timbre is more noble, magnificent, graceful and elegant. The equilibrium sense is natural in the whole audition field.
      Kimber Kable Select KS1020 RCA Interconnect Cables
      Supra USB2.0 Cable
      Luminous Audio Synchestra Silver Speaker Cables
      The SYNCHESTRA Speaker Cable utilizes high purity silver (99.997%) solid core 16 gauge composite conductor network sheathed in virgin Teflon. The Teflon conductors are then surrounded in PVC and bound by a premium nylon mesh jacket in order to preserve the integrity of the composite. The Go and Return legs are kept separate to reduce capacitance and magnetic interaction. Terminations are standard with silver clad copper spade lugs and SILTECH solder. Luminous Audio's website: https://luminousaudio.com/collections/speaker-cables/products/synchestra-speaker-cables Lots of rave reviews in the Internet.

    • By TheOnlyGirl_InSight
      Item: A pair of 1 metre long MIT Terminator 2 RCA interconnect cables

      Location: Sydney, will post!

      Price: $75 for the pair. $13.50 postage Australia wide, packed up in an AUS Post prepaid Satchel. Signature on Delivery required at cost for PayPal. +3% if not Friends & Family.

      Item Condition: working very well. Fairly good cosmetic condition, with some signs of usage wear. They need a good clean, which will probably take them to a very good condition rating! 

      Reason for selling: Unwanted part of package deal.

      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only. Shipping: Bank deposit or PayPal (for Goods & Services payment: +3%, extra signature on delivery and insurance, street address only, and you must call me beforehand. I'd also want to see good feedback / long term membership with forum contributions.)

      Extra Info: The biwire speaker cables were quite popular! These are priced to sell -- MIT Terminator 2 for under $100 the pair, shipped. 

    • By garfield1
      Item: Danish Audio Tube 10 Reference Dac,4 piece
      Location: Thornton 2322Maitland Area,N.S.W
      Item Condition:GOOD COND
      Reason for selling:Second system ,not used anymore
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank deposit
      Extra Info:This dac sounds amazing ,4 piece unit ,
      will regret selling.absolute bargain.
      Danish Audio design Tube 10 Reference at very special price.  Converts the data to the most musically natural sounding analogue sound ever. 
      Danish audio design Tube 10 reference is the first high-end product that exceed the limitations of traditional digital to analogue converter at uncompromised performance After long research company decided make the final step and make separated boxes for, Power source, Capacitor bank, DAC chip, and output stage with the highest quality cables supplied... music is now emotional involving as it has never been before captivating and emotional, that is what tube 10 present no other one-sized dacs/cd cannot compete with that advantage. 
      COMPANY AND BACKGROUND: 20 years experience in the development D/A converters, has also done consulting assignments for some of the top names in audio. One-man company and everything is made by hand from own handmade prints. The PCB is special made, the solder is ESA/Space approved. Danish Audio Design is a Danish company with audio DA converter as a specialty. The founder and "DAC guru" Ole Nielsen has 20 years’ experience in the DA converter. 
      The founder of Eben speakers "Michael Børresen" used the cheap standard Ontech dac from Ole Neilsen instead of the expansive Burmester setup when he was awarded "Editors choice" at London hifi-show by hifi+/Roy Gregory DAD is also making a tube dac for HArning Audio Arguably the world's best Reference Tube DAC to a middle class price. Tube 10 is a DAC based on PSU 10 and a modified DAC 10. Instead of using the output stage from DAC 10 it now has it's own box. 
      The tube box is based on a 5U4, 5AR4, 5R4, GZ32, GZ33, GZ34 or similar rectifier tube. After the rectifier there is a choke based supply for minimal noise. The output itself is based on a 6SN7 tube. This is a very good sounding tube, and a lot of different tubes are available. The circuit itself is made of a passive I/V conversion, based on a highest quality carbon film resistor. 
      The tube box, has high output impedance, so it is best used in combination with amplifiers with a relative high input impedance (10k or more). 
      Resolution........24bit (up to 192khz) 
      Input.............2x Coaxial S/PDIF RCA 
      Output............RCA) 2.5Vrms 
      Weight............17kg / 35Lbs 
      Testimonials From Owners
      Adam, Poland(Tube 10+ Cap 10 high standard tubes) since I switched to vinyl two years ago, all my library of CDs and FLAC files was left useless until now. Music from Tube 10 sounds like vinyl played on reference SET amp.  It outperforms all I heard in my not so short life. 
      Many thanks to You and Ole.
      Now I try to make some tube rolling, to fit perfectly to my taste.
      Regards, Adam.
      Gid,Israel (Tube 10 reference high standard tubes) 
      I enjoy very much from the tube 10 DAC 
      It is much better from a lot of other which cost much more 
      Two weeks ago we had a head to head between the tube 10 dac and 
      Mbl 1611E dac($21450.00) 
      Tube 10 outperform in all aspects 
      Thank a lot for the information
      John, Belgium (Tube 10 reference + Capbox10,Tung-sol 6sn7GT black plate 1940´s) 
      I am very satisfied with the Dac tube 10,it plays amazingly good!!! 
      Very musical, detailed and airy. Great tone and pitch. Makes you forget it is digital format(as Kondo 
      dac KSL does) 
      I disconnected the Kondo and played all time dac 10,to be sure a have 
      to change again to Kondo(i thought maybe Kondo wins in purety of tone) 
      ....but I think Dac 10 is a CLEAR WINNER !!!! 
      I had some doubts reading your ad......but every word you wrote is true. 
      Kind regards 
      Dominique, France (Tube 10 reference + Capbox10) 
      You say me that your way of sound is "this feeling where you just stamp 
      your feet, and the small hairs in the back of your neck is raising " , 
      it true . My system with the DAC 10 tube is now worldwide class. 
      The feeling is both details, natural, pleasure 
      So , i would like by this mail , congratulate you for the conception of the 
      DAC and thank you for the result.
      Torben, Denmark (Tube 10 reference + Capbox10) 
      Dac Tube 10 very much as described, the sound is just world class, very analog and detailed with lots of air. Dac10 is the very best I have ever owned and previously I have owned very esoteric brands, Audionote, Gryphon.........
      Greg, Great britain (Tube 10 reference) 
      Starting to warm up and it really is an excellent DAC. More musical 
      than the dCS or the EMM. I won't compare it to the Audio Note DAC 5 
      until it is more run in.
      Kaj, Sweden (Tube 10 reference) 
      Well, I wrote a little input for Ole, and what strikes me most is that 
      I do NOT think of as the room's influence anymore! 
      The sound is more natural through Tube 10 Also this dac is far 
      better than DCS P8i 
      What I have had time to test the most is the sound between tube 10 and DCS P8i I know best, and here is the big difference, which can be a bit surprised that it could be?
      Wong, Hong Kong (Tube 10 reference) 
      Overall: Very natural and linear with a good coherence of music flow. The choice of tube can make the sound very different. When I change to higher grade tubes the performance is improved dramatically.
      Dynamic: Outstanding. The DAC can produce a wider dynamic range compared to my previous tube DAC. The transient it produces is fast and with attack.
      Tonality: It has rich tonal color and does not colorate any specific range of frequency in my system.  Transparency: Very clean and dark background and foreground giving rise to a very transparent tonal picture. Noise control by this dAC is remarkable.
      As a whole in this price range, I am very confident that it stands from many many others in the market!