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Pioneer BDP-LX55 Software updates au/eu?

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I have just ordered the Pioneer BDP-LX55 player on line & should receive it next week.

I have found no software/firmware updates for this player on the Pioneer Australia web site http://www.pioneer.c...ware/index.html, but on the Pioneer. eu web site there are 2 software/firmware updates available, V3.11 & V3.18... http://www.pioneer.e...ml#download_271


V3.18 has only been available from 23rd May 2012, so i would assume my new player (when it arrives) won't have this latest update installed.

I would have thought this BD player, even if sold in Australia, would/will require this V3.18 update from the Pioneer.eu web site.

Is it possible Pioneer Australia have neglected to display updates? or do the Aussie BD players require different updates when compared to eu models?

Any thoughts or comments are very welcome.

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I downloaded some updates for my BDP-51FD from Pioneer EU but then decided to check with the lads at Pioneer here in Oz - they informed me that the EU updates were not suitable for my locally bought player. I agree that they are very helpful and that you should call them.

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