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Vinyl collector in Adelaide

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I'm one of those who hasn't gotten into digital streaming or MP3s, prefering the snap, crackle and pop of vinyl.

I collect unusual record covers (cut-outs, fold-outs, unusual materials) and have found this is a really good way to discover new (old) music, mainly rock and blues. A few have proven to be diamonds, most are deservedly little known for their musical quality.

My stereo has always been based on big old solid state - Rotel, Yamaha and Technics but now I'm getting the urge to move to tubes and will be looking for advice how to match champagne taste with beer money.

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We try not to discriminate here on SNA between V and D folks but it does get fun sometimes. I hope you enjoy your time here and make a numbewr of new pals. The offer is there to come over and listen to valves at my modest abode if you wish.

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Glad to see more SAers. I am pre-new (haven't started but in the imminent stages of) vinyl spinner. Try some SACD and high res digital recordings. They have that similar depth of layers minus the occasional pops and crackles (which I am not a fan of).

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