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2 zone AB stereo Can I

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As mentioned in another post I scored an Onkyo Integra TX DS 989 AV amp.

I have never owned a surround amp before.

It has 7.1 channels and two zones.

I am using it to run a CDP in my garage but I would like to be able to run some speaker cable out to an adjoining entertainment area and have another set of speakers running.

If it was a stereo amplifier I would have A B speaker switching but I dont know how to achieve this with this amp?

Any help appreciated.

Am I correct in assuming that the 2 zone option is to run a separate source? ( I want to use the same source in both areas).

ATM I am running the stereo set up from the front speaker outs, If I wanted to run another set of speakers to the other area where would they connect?

If I ran them from the rear speaker outs and run the amp in surround sound will this degrade the signal?

Thanks In advance . Mitchell

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Oops sorry...Mitchell.

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Thanks Daryl ,

According to the manual ther eis something called "all stereo mode" so I am assuming I can have 3 pairs speakers running. 8). M

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I've got a newer, but lower spec Onkyo AVR, but the operating principles should be similar.

- Zone 1 and Zone 2 can play the same or different sources. But my zone 2 can only play analogue sources.

- Zone 2 has separate volume controls from Zone 1. Control via dedicated +/- buttons on AVR, or by pressing 'zone 2' then volume control on remote.

- Zone 2 source is set by pressing 'zone 2' button then desired source on either AVR or remote.

- Zone 2 speakers are wired to posts labelled "Front High/Zone 2". The 'front high' is if I set the AVR to 7.1 ch...which means I can't have zone 2.

- before you turn on zone 2 it's a really good idea to check the zone 2 volume. I've managed to blow a set of outdoor speakers because volume had indadvertedly been set to full.

I think the all stereo mode you mentioned relates to your zone 1 speakers. it just sets all speakers to stereo..no fancy surround processing. no idea what the centre speaker does in this case. I guess you could use this to have a few sets of speakers running stereo in different rooms...but if you've got a proper zone 2 option there's not much point.

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