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The Walking Dead. - foxtel fx

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Anyone watching the Walking Dead series. Just watched the first two episodes.

Pretty good if you like Zombie movies.

Cop wakes up in hospital after being shot and almost everyone's dead and they are now Zombies. Series goes along his search for his wife and son with a few survivors fighting off Zombies along the way.

It is not a comedy and is nice and violet.

Worth watching and better than the crap on fta. It is on Tuesday's at 8.30pm

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+1, you don't have to be a fan of the zombie genre to like it. Good script writing, acting and production. Series 2 is more of a human drama. With zombies.

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I'm working my way through series 2. I must say this is a very gruesome show, I'm pleased to see how sensitised I've become to gore again many years after all those years in the Emergency department :)

I'm pondering whilst I watch it, what is the attraction we have with zombies (Hollywood type zombies, not the original voodoo zombies)? Is it about the ambiguity around life after death? Is it a fascination with pandemics? It's an interesting observation that zombies are really only threatening in groups, single zombies are easy pickings, but as a group they are near unstoppable. I wonder whether they are the modern version of our fear of the 'mindless mob?'


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