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Beer: "proof that God loves us"

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Apart from in Tallinn  you could try https://www.mybottleshop.com.au/viru-premium-estonian-beer

They're sold out but it's a start.

This mob reckoned they had it but I doubt it. https://www.eurodrinks.com.au/


It started life  as Le Coq Premium Extra

Bottle: Filtered. Originally sold by Tartu as A. Le Coq Premium Extra. The beer was bought by Brand Independence Ltd in 2006 and renamed Viru. It is contract brewed by Tartu for Brand Independence Ltd. Ingredients: Water (from one of Europe’s deepest wells); Malted Barley (Lithuanian); Sugar; Saaz Hops; Yeast. ‘Viru’ (pronounced ‘veer-roo’) is becoming a well known Baltic states’ beer export. Brewed in the university town of Tartu, Viru is packaged in a octahedral bottle designed over 100 years ago, and thought to be based on the churches and towers of old Tallinn, capital of Estonia.
The punters have this to say about it.
Historical tick. If nothing else the bottle is a delight. Pity the contents is bog standard at best.
30cl bottle from Géant Casino hypermarket in Bazeilles in France. F: thin, white, quick gone. 😄 gold, light hazy. A: some caramel, grain, bit bready. T: medium malty base, strange grainy, harsh bitterness, bit hoppy, medium carbonation, not good at all, some kind of tourist trap as “Estonian beer”.
Light amber and clear with a thin head. Malty, grainy smell. A total common beer, not special nor spectacular, but not bad either. Medium carbonation. When there's anything special about this beer, it's the octogonal cone shape of the bottle.
Bottle at home. Clear yellow golden color medium sized white head. Smell and taste malts, hayish, sweetish grainy a bit and a light bitter note. Nothing stands out, standard one of so many lagers, but no flaws though.
Sweet herbal aroma. Amber, poor head and suds lacing. Sweet herbal candy flavour. Chemical thin finish and citrus tang chemical aftertaste.(Glen Iris, Aus)
Hope you find it eventually.
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Speaking of Pirate Life, in 2015 I had the good fortune of being invited to the brewery to help brew the collaboration beer with the Hilltop Hoods, as I'm in the same circle of friends.    I

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On 05/12/2020 at 11:33 AM, rantan said:

Why do people bother with  that XXXX Gold or Fosters bog water, when you can buy a 6 pack of these for $18.50 at Dan's.


Or less if you have a card, as they often have it for $14!!!

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Tried this last night. Exceptional! Can probably go another couple of years in the bottle (after already having spent 2 years in a bourbon barrel) - and that's what the other bottle will be doing. Complex flavouring, but nothing over-powering anything else, even the bourbon and oak is muted compared to others I have tasted.


If it came in a smaller size, then I would have bought a dozen. As it is, I have no trace of having had 6.5 standard drinks.


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Didn't bring any photos (of beer), but if you're ever in Port Douglas, I can recommend Hemingways as a good place to stop in for a meal or the night. Pale Ales, IPAs and the XPA were all good. Even the lager was passable. And the food was pretty good also.

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On 02/03/2021 at 1:22 PM, sloper said:

I wonder if they're worried about the exploding cans, or the tax department slugging them due to ABV issues?


I should check the local bottle-o

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