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Just a few pics of my simple system that gives me much joy & relaxation. 2 channel system is my main focus for future



Pioneer VSX 920 & Accusound 5.1 speaker system for movies & TV. Surround speakers not shown.


My new Onkyo Integra A-8170 amp powers my Klipsh RB-81 II speakers, for music only.


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nothing nicer than a tidy, well put together system. bet it sounds great!

ps - i agree with your move towards focusing on 2 channel towards the future, when you get that right it's not too hard to add the HT stuff in behind it (especially since like me you have to combine 2 systems in 1).

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My new additions to my 2 ch, music set up. :D:party

Aaron Paragon P-3's found on Ebay in almost new condition with very little use. Here's a review i found, if you care to read. http://www.aaronhifi...ces/reviews.php


Not on spikes yet, but still sound very good. Previous owner used them for rear surrounds in a HT setup for only 2 years, then had them in storage for the other 9-10 years. I only payed 20% of the new retail price for them, which i think is very reasonable for the outstanding condition & great sound output. It's nice to have some good bass & is a great upgrade from my bookshelf speakers.

Specs for P-3's can be found in the above attached review.

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