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Lii Audio F-15 ,Use of force has been authorised.

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Been running these in simple mdf open baffle driven by Musical Paradise MP 305.

Right from the getgo these speakers impress.They continue to improve with each session.

Its becoming a problem I dont want to go to work.The expensive transmission lines runaway and hide when these bad boys fire up.

What we have here is a 15 inch midrange speaker of excellent quality and sensitivity.You will need a sub in most rooms.

I pair them with a little 8 inch Rel and it sounds sublime.


Happy to answer questions-fire away.

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Yes, a mate of mine runs F15's. I'm running a combination of Lii Audio Fast-10S fullrange (TOTL pre Crystal-10), Lii Audio W15 woofers, Aurum Cantus G3Si rbbon + Skar Audio VX1ST bullet tweeters in my main system. Just spectacular results and never fail to impress any visitors including audiophile types. That said I did a sound test recently and found a number of null points. One fo these days I'll get around to running EQ in roon after taking proper measurements. A few years off though.

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