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To fix or not to fix? (Paradigm cinema subwoofer)

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Once upon a time there was a paradigm 'Cinema 100CT' subwoofer.

A lowly sub in the grand scheme of things, retailing around the $600 mark, but content with its humble lot in hi-fi life.

One dark day and one integrated circuit failure later the sub had become a shell of its former self. Now useless and forlorn.


Enough of this. My sub has cacked itself. I'm left with a pretty enclosure and a great driver but screwed internals.

A new back plate will cost about $350 from a Paradigm dealer (who were very helpful in the matter). But I'd rather buy a new second hand Rel or svs for a bit more.


Suggestions welcome. I'm fairly handy and can solder a bit.

So should I buy a diy amplifier plate online and create a frankensub?

Or just move the parts on for free to someone who can use them.

Thoughts on the matter welcome.


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Your images aren’t displaying? 


Can you describe how it stopped working? Is there any sound coming from the sub, like hiss, hum or crackles? A check on voltages inside (⚠️) could help determine if the power supply is working and give the tech experts here more info. And did Paradigm identify a particular failed component or just spec a whole new amp module?


If a repair becomes too much hassle, I’ve seen some dirt cheap and basic class D sub amp boards on eBay that might get you some real Frankensub sound while you look for an upgrade. 



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Thanks RCAJack,

If you look closely in the image of the circuit board, you'll notice the integrated chip in the middle has pretty much cracked in half! I should have flagged this.

If you could recommend a cheap basic class d sub amp board on ebay for me to play with I'd appreciate that very much. I'd enjoy tinkering with that.


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Hi @Spoctordock


I should have been clearer that your images are not displaying for me at all. Images on other threads are ok and I’ve tried on a couple of devices. If I try to click an image placeholder, nothing is displayed. 



Maybe heat could cause a component to fail as you describe? It might not cost much to replace the IC and see if it works, although it’s very possible that other components have gone bad to cause this. 

Anyway here are examples of what I’ve seen on eBay. They seem cheap! Nope I have not tried these myself. 






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I am very happy with this amp for sub duty. Cost like 110$ eBay I think. It’s supposed to be capable of 310w. No idea at what ohms. Doesn’t get warm. Amazing efficiency. 

Note I added the speaker input... since the pre out in my marantz decided to go smoko. Still this unassuming “Nobsound” G2 Pro (seriously!) drives my 800W rated 18” DIY sub with plenty of grunt. 

The bar table is the sub...



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