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I lost my account in the hack, so need to message Marc once this is approved.


I've gotten an all Australian made front end for my stereo which is sounding good. A Gieseler DAC feeding a Supratek preamp into a Holton power amp seems like a nice combination. I've finally got my own dedicated media room and having the speakers around 1/3rd of the way into the room is sounding pretty amazing. I did have them in close to try use the golden ratio, but that had them pretty close up and blocking the TV unless pretty centre. I tried them away from the back wall but still spread out and it's probably the best I've heard my system play.

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Hi, I was in cairns yesterday! You don’t mention which speakers you have mate? 

Hope you can get some pics attached too, technology-permitting 👍

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Here is a pic of it all in action. Once I get a new TV I'll wall mount that and make the coffee table more central. The speakers are some Tannoy XT8F's but I'm hoping to upgrade those in a year or two.

Media room.JPG

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