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The Bee Gees : How can you mend a broken heart

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Watched this on Amazon Prime (also available on the Blu Ray disk).   It was based on Barry Gibb's reflection of their careers, including how the Bee Gees managed to re-invent themselves twice!  The first crash was due to 2 egos, Robin and Barry, clashing.  The group broke up and reformed 2 years later only to find that the world had moved on.  The 2nd time, they were the victims of a viscous, racist and homophobic attack on disco music.  To their credit, they re-invented themselves yet again, this time as singer song writers.  There were only passing reference to the ravages caused by the excesses of sex, drugs and alcohol. This was of course fueled by their wealth (Maurice had 7 Rolls Royce cars by the time he reached 21 !).  Any regrets?  Barry, did, right at the end of the show!


No group has produced so much music over such a long time.  Recommended viewing.





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