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Low budget sound hacker since way back.  I'm not the type to go that far down the rabbit hole but I do get fed up when I feel the sound isn't good enough.


Recent-ish projects - nursed a battle-worn SL-1210mk2 into pleasing enough shape.  An old Nagaoka MP-15 cart on that one with an MP-500 stylus.


Have a Topping D10 and now looking for an E30 so I can feed it TOSlink from the telly / appletv.


Main rig is an old Yammie RX-797 receiver and Alesis Monitor Twos.  Sometimes muso friends come and check out their mixes on that.  I dream of various Tannoys, but this rig has been satisfying for a long time.


Peak experience in a house many years was a friend's 1.5KW a side Krell power amp into Duntech Princess in a large room.  Was an old Noise Unit LP on a Rega or a Linn deck, forget which - only time I've heard vinyl fill a room in 3d.  The sound field was immediate, visual and detailed, basically struck me as holographic.  Whee.

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