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Could it be worthless to spend on highend turntables?

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You sure seem to be convinced that there's no point spending money on a TT, gt.   So I say again ... rather than reading internet comments ... why not simply go to a few Brissie gtgs with pe

Interesting topic for debate........   From a very personal view, I moved from a $3k turntable to a +$30k  TT in one shot without changing anything else (even the cart).  The difference was

I don't happen to be lucky enough to own a Sirius deck but am fortunate enough  to own one of the Rockport Linear Tracking Tonearms. I can report yes it is very good !! 

5 hours ago, rocky500 said:

Short term double blind has never worked, not to mention, it's useless. People ultimately buy what they like and can afford. The people doing the arguing aren't the ones spending the money.


Succinct but true.  The weird thing about DBT is that they last for such a short while and I usually need a lot more time to fully evaluate differences and assess whether they  are my taste.  And with rapid switching  - it is a double blind trick test where the same  music  is  NOT played  on each device. 

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