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What was the best value purchase you've made and why?

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The best value purchase I've ever made is my Technics SL-D303 Turntable.  It's now vintage, but was purchased new in 1981.

I was still an apprentice & money was tight, but I was convinced that cheaper TTs were not a good investment. 

So I patiently saved up and then took advantage of a run out sale of Technics products at Tivoli Hifi.  (I was so impressed with how I was treated by Phillipe, that I went back and purchased a Sansui Receiver about 6 months later).

I replaced the stock cart straight away with a Philips GP412 hyper-elliptical thanks to the generous staff shop discounts we has access to at the time.

It has been in constant use for 40 years with a drop of sewing machine oil on the spindle every boxing day, some contact cleaner/lubricant on the switches about every 10 years and a couple of cart upgrades.

Cover hinges were replaced with some DIY aluminium ones and the controller chip had to be replaced about 15 years ago. 

Other than that it has just kept purring along, & with the addition of a Cartridge alignment protractor and a Michel record clamp, has never given me reason to wish for something newer.

Hinges aside, just a great piece of 70s/80s Japanese engineering.

I have other equipment that I consider to be great value purchases, but how could they compete with that?

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For under 6 bucks a pack of four the benefits by reducing vibration induced distortion is hard to beat value.  

A pair of perfectly preserved Proac SuperTablettes, bought from a s/h furniture store in Adelaide several months ago. Apparently they had only just been dropped off and were sitting atop sundry other

This is an expensive pastime. Most of us are seeking improvements and following upgrade paths and it's an endeavour seemingly without end.   Whilst I love seeing threads about $100k+ setups

I once bought a Linn LP12 at the local second hand shop for $60 here in Darwin. At the time I was a full-time uni student, with three kids under three and a mortgage, all on my wife's middle of the road income. I flipped it for a tidy profit ($900), and it helped put food on the table. Now six years down the track, on two wages and with a lot less to worry about, and I kick myself for selling it but still know that it helped immensely at the time.




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