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Klipsch RB-81 2, passive bi-amp or waste of time?

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I have a Pioneer VSX 920 K 7.1, so not much power to feed RB-81's.

RB-81 sensitivity is 97db, thus easy to drive.


I have a large listening area due to Lounge, dinning & kitchen linked. Speakers will be used for music as 2.1, movies 5.1. Lounge room/litening room size is 6x4, TV & speakers on the short wall. seating possition is about 4.3m away from speakers.

My question is: Will it be worth while passive bi-amping, just to give them a little more power? especially when used for high volume.

I understand the power increase won't be doubled, due to more channels used = less out put per channel.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

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Mushroom, more power will not be delivered. It will use more power, but all of that extra power is lost in the passive crossover, so that there is no net increase. The only way is active. Then you become DIY speaker designer. If you want more power, consider a power amp upgrade. Emotiva have some nice specials at the moment. You are probably better off just getting a new power amp. BTW, if the tweak urge hits, you could try a foam mod to the tractrix horn. There is some foam that you can add that can tame horn issues. I have a link on my blog "reticulated foam." Worth trying and it's inexpensive. You would need to reduce the Lpad resistors to bring the pad back by 2 db.

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Hi Mushroom,

Before Passive bi-amping, you need to make sure the HP & LP circuit of the passive crossover are completely seperated (if they have bi-wire terminals on the back, then good chance they are seperated).

And I assume you mean "bi-amping" in the true sense as in a seperate amplifier channel for each driver (even better a seperate amplifier all together)??

I have Passively bi-amped my bookshelfs, and they sound heaps better than stock, and also a lot better than Active bi-amped, which I had also tried for a while..

There willbe more power available to each driver, as each amp will be running at reduced power and at reduced bandwidth..

Hope this helps..


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