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FS: Legend Acoustic Tikandi Grand "system". FURTHER REDUCED!

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: 2257 - Central Coast
State: NSW
Payment Method: PayPal, EFT
Reason for selling: House Reorg.

Further information:

These are truly unique – a commercial-grade prototype pair of Tikandi Grands from Australian company, Legend Acoustic.     The Tikandi Grand Be is currently LA’s flagship speaker.   Included in the sale is a DEQX  Express II calibration / ADC / DAC / pre-amp.  You will need the DEQX to run the Tikandis because of the way the Tikandis are structured.


The Tikandis consist of a lower subwoofer module containing 2 x 12” drivers and a 500W BASH amp.   Mounted on top is a sealed 3-way unit containing a tweeter, midrange and upper bass – pretty much the same as the current LA ‘Isobaric Small Red’.  The tweeter and mid are connected.  To drive these you will need 4 channels of amplification.

Basically the DEQX is set up to do time alignment and then room calibration (more later).  It then applies the calibration to an incoming digital signal (or analogue signal that’s been digitized by the DEQX), and then splits the stream into high / medium / low digital streams, and converts back to analogue.    The Low frequency analogue signal than goes straight to the Tikandi and uses their built-in plate amps.  The analogue high & mid signals are fed to discrete channels in a separate amp, and then to the high / mid inputs on the back of the Tikandi.  Note the DEQX also has balanced analogue inputs, and it comes with a full-function remote, which I forgot to include in the pics!.


This system truly is world class, and all you need to add it a digital (or analogue) source and a BIG, high quality, multi-channel amp.  To buy this kit new would be between RRP 18K and 19K, and the current model Tikandi does NOT include 2 x sub amps, so that would be extra cost!   I am only selling it because I am about to reorg my house, and will have no location big enough to house such a system.

What will YOU need to consider:


Calibration: It is tricky, as it will need to be redone with the speakers in-situ.     I had the installer do mine – it needs to be done with a specific mike, a PC, etc.  However, I understand the guys at DEQX can provide this as a service, even doing it remotely.   If I were you I’d budget a couple of hundred extra for this.  (You can get the software from DEQX and do it yourself, but its complex.)

Disclaimer:   The midrange driver on one of the Tikandis has somehow discolored.   I checked with Rod Crawford, and this happened to some of these drivers.  It has NO effect on the sound, and they seem to work perfectly.    That said, Rod has spares, so talk to me if this is an issue for you.

Transport:    These are WAY too big and heavy to freight.   That said, as the total cost is high enough that I can (within reason) load them into my wagon and deliver them to your door, for a fee.     NSW / ACT is doable, and maybe as far as Brisbane or Melbourne.  Again…..talk to me if you are interested.  

Missing Amp:  A big, high quality, 4-channel (or more) amp WILL be needed.    


For reference:






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