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My introduction to Stereonet

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HI everyone, my name is Jack and I am a long time music listener and audiophile. I started my journey in 1967 when I heard a pair of Quad electrostatic loudspeakers. They were positioned in front of some curtains where the store kept their boxes. I was only nine years old and I asked the salesman where the  man with the guitar was. I asked him to open the curtains and there were just boxes. It was deeply impressive and has never left me. Many years later after saving up from summer jobs I bought my first system, A pair of Magneplanar 2A loudspeakers driven by an Quad 303 and fed by a Quad 33 pre amp. I had a Rega 2 turntable and a Quad FM3 tuner. At about the same time as I heard those speakers my Grandparents got seasons tickets to the Calgary Philharmonic orchestra and sometimes they couldn't go so they let me go in their place. I would dress up in my Sunday suit with my little had and leather gloves and I would sit in the audience and be mesmerised by the orchestra. So I was set on my journey. Now some fifty years later I have a wonderful system and I listen to classical, jazz, early music, film scores, "modern music" every day. I also listen at work with a tiny little system using my TIDAL subscription. For anyone who may be interested my current system is (you will notice that I start with the speakers because I was a loudspeaker designer and these are my pride and joy!) The speakers are Duntech Prince loudspeakers (only a few dozen were made before the company went through the hoop so you probably have never heard them, think Sovereigns but light on their feet). These are driven by a Naim 250 Power amp fed by a Naim 282 with two Hi Caps (one per channel). The sources are a Naim NDX with a TeddyXPS power supply, an original Oracle turntable (continuously updated over the years) with an RB300 arm, an Ortofon Cadenza blue moving coil cartridge, a Vertere Moving coil amplifier. Music sources are a collection of 300+ CDs ripped to a Qnap server being served up by Minimserver running on the Qnap, about 400 LP records of various types and vintages, An FM radio card that I use to listen to ABC classic FM when I can't be bothered to make a choice and TIDAL streaming service.


Well, I guess that sums it up. I hope that we shall all get to know each other and perhaps pick up a few audio bargains along the way.


Happy Listening,


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Welcome, Jack.


Great intro. Thanks for putting in so much effort to introducing yourself; you have an interesting backstory! 

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:welcome:to the forum. Jack ...


It is so refreshing to read an introduction where someone has taken the time to write.  ?  Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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