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New PS5/4 system update allows PS5 games to be stored on external HD

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Well the Communities have gone on the PS4 since the new update...sigh.........I used to use them a lot.

And neither updates have replaced them with anything like it [Bring back the old "Players Met" from the PS3 , which was brilliant for quickly gathering like minded players of a particular game ]

But they have made the PS5/4 easier to share content with friends across the consoles.


Big news fro PS5 owners is they have unlocked the ability to save PS5 games to a external USB HD [It would want to be a SSD IMHO to make it worthwhile ] and copy back and forth between the PS5's internal HD and the external HD.


You can read about what the system update does at the link below.


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By the way, I've been told that you should always use the USB port on the rear of a PS5 for attaching a external HD, as apparently using the front USB port can cause data corruption.

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