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My name is Paul and I have been in and out of HiFi since the late 1960’ and I’ve done just about everything in hifi, within my budget, that could be done during that time. I’ve found over the years that no matter what I have done at the front end with styli, cartridges, tonearms/turntables and cd players plus amps and speakers, the weakest link in the chain, room acoustics, always spoiled the final outcome. I don’t have a dedicated audio room and I am not disposed to adding onto the house, so a couple of years ago I took to head phones. I started with Hifiman HE400 Planar Magnetics, but quickly went to electrostatics with “Stax”, “Kingsound” and “Koss”. No more room acoustics issues – pure bliss. However, my young grandson rekindled my interest vinyl when he recently asked me to help him purchase a turntable etc. So, I am now looking for a tone arm.

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