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Recently moved to Australia bringing my Cyrrus/PMC system with me. I'm interest in streamers and perhaps finding people with similar music tastes.


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Hi. Nice to get a reply to a general intro.


The streamer is just something to keep me occupied as I've started with the S/PDif & USB outputs from my old Mac and working up from that. Just tried out an RPI, will probably add an Allo DigiOne and then consider something else.

I'm not going to upgrade the DAC in the Cyrus8dQx so I'm aware there are multiple shortcomings.


In terms of music, I take recommendations from a group friends in the UK who are all music junkies (including the percussionist of the band Tunng, the founder of Music Concierge and the founder of a vinyl distributor Republic of Music. We all spent decades in nightclubs, dance music festivals and parties so essentially electronic and dance music led, DJ orientated, world music for the over 50's.

I tend more towards the techno end, others towards jazz and others soul or afrobeat though I'm still partial to Balearic, post punk 70s and early synth 80s.


Probably a little too much information.


How about you?




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Well Max, my musical tastes probably interesect only in the world music domain however I've really embraced streaming in the last couple of years, so I can engage there!


I also started streaming out of an old Macbook Pro, then a Win10 laptop with the slightly better performance using WASAPI. If you do venture into alternatives to your current DAC solution, I strongly recommend Gieseler DACs made on the Gold Coast.  A Topping E30 is a great budget DAC too, for very little money.






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Welcome All of you, I am new here member. I am member of all others forums. So, I want to know the information about stereo headset is best for rent ipad. I am a music lover and run a YouTube channel. I really want the best headsets and computer products. 

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