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Focal Utopia cable (1.5m) with Furutech 6.3mm and Lemo connectors

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Item Condition: Used, but excellent condition
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Seaford
State: VIC
Payment Method: PayPal (incl. fees), EFT, Cash
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:


I received this cable as part of a purchase here on the forum. My understanding is that it is worth $1100 brand new. It's a beautiful cable that appears to be a combination of silver and copper wire. If you know Aurealis Audio, you'll know how beautifully made (and of high quality materials) his cables always are.


The cable is in great condition with the only signs of use being on the 6.3mm connector shaft from being plugged/unplugged


Updated with some info from Geoff at Aurealis about the wires that makeup the cable:



It’s always hard to tell from the photos but one of the wires used is the copper/silver spun hybrid. That’s pretty much the top of the line in the Australian market.   The other wire is likely a pure silver one mixed with some gold.
I didn’t personally make that cable. It would have been a special custom order made by my partner in Singapore.  But given the combination of wires, it is a bit of a rare one. 




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