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Item Condition: Very good
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Leichhardt
State: NSW
Payment Method: Cash , bank transfer
Reason for selling: Moving

Further information:

 I am selling my beautiful Hovland HP100 pre amp  , it has the expensive MC phono stage option . These are beautifully made and glow a lovely blue . There is some great information on the net about them  . 



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I auditioned one of these for a short period of time and never got the chance to purchase it as it was purchased whilst I had it on loan by the previous listener. ?


This is one hell of a preamp that responds extremely well to tube rolling. What I enjoyed about the HP100 the most was how revealing it was between tracks and in particular during tracks. It was like a needle on the record picking up every crackle and pop.


GLWTS. ???

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