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I'm looking for some smallish surround or bookshelf  speakers likely either jbl or yamaha to wall mount,  

current setup: 

fronts - JBL studio series S310

centre - Yamaha NS-C515

surround - BOSE interaudio 4000, but the main driver and crossover was replaced with some cheapo 10" car stuff. tweeter is original. 


I'm not really too interested in keeping these big speakers as rears, and replacing the 10" and crossover, would rather a smaller box on the wall. wondering what might fit in with the sound scape currently there. as total replacement of all speakers isn't really in my budget. 


any thoughts and opinions helpful, 



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21 minutes ago, 5L15 said:

No he can't - its in my  watchlist for when I come down to Perth next week..........😉

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On 09/03/2021 at 5:32 PM, 5L15 said:


You could buy this and sell what you don’t need





buy it as your main HT and keep your S310’s as a 2nd system for stereo use

thanks, i ended up finding a pair of second hand krix equinox mk3, for 450. :)

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