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helllooo team of experts and legends,


I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a pair of a pair of 1.6QR speakers. Cosmetically they are in great condition, but there’s a catch. Both are missing their feet and their crossovers, and one is missing the plug panel. 

So, feet I clearly need to buy - does any one have any?  I’ve already contacted Bill McLean for a price on new ones.  But with the crossovers - do we think it’s best to replace the originals ( and does anyone have any ), or are there better aftermarket options or there?








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That is truly bizarre - unless the previous owner had removed those XOs because he was running them active - with 2 stereo amps and a 2-way active XO?


Feet - I will ask David ('djb') whether he still has his old T-feet ... he's a hoarder, so I doubt he threw them out. Or you can have some braced stands made up - which will make your 1.6s sound better than with the stock T-feet (this is what David did).


Missing back plate - you might be able to get one from the factory (through Bill) - but I suggest, as you need to build 2x 2-way XOs ... you should discard the remaining back plate and just use wires which go from the new external XOs direct to the panel connectors.  Those steel wire connectors degrade the sound - as does the crappy fuse holder.  And the fuse is not very useful, anyway.


If you need a resistor to attenuate the tweeter, you can incorporate that in your new XOs.


I can supply you with the 1.6 XO schematic (parallel XO) ... also, a slightly different, series XO.  From people who have made the change, this sounds better - also, it removes the need to think about bi-amping.


Or you bi-amp with, say, a miniDSP unit and 2 stereo amps.  I can tell you what the XO parameters are, to put into the miniDSP.


Be aware, though - to make your 1.6s sound really good ... you need an amp which likes driving 4 ohm spkrs and has plenty of current reserve.  The Magtech (500w into 8 ohms and 900w into 4 ohms) is a favourite on the Planar Asylum!




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Thanks Andy, yes , a very interesting situation indeed!  I like the idea of stock feet so that  it looks original from the front, even if other feet are better. My current speakers are MMG’s, and the previous owner changed the feet - looks horrible! 

But conversely, around the back I quite like the idea of custom xovers and bi-amping - though it will be time for new  amps! But 1st thing is sourcing crossovers, and  I don’t have the technical skills to build them unfortunately.

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