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I'm initiating the process of upgrading my sound system at home and would love some advice.
My setup has always been based around practising DJing (2 x 1200 a Vestax mixer and some run of the mill m-audio monitors) I would like to transform my setup into something that is less about djing and instead more about listening.  I listen to a wide range of music from jazz, classical, hip hop,  folk.
I have a pair of Dali sensor 1 bookshelf speakers and a Marantz pm 250 amplifier (that I think might be cooked)
I love the speakers and not sure what to do with the amplifier - Should I replace/repair it? I think the cost of repairing could go to a new amp.
I am interested in the Rotel A10 - but not sure if it packs enough for those speakers?
Also - Do you know where I can upgrade/refurb one of my 1200s?  The tonearm needs a good working over and I would like to upgrade the cartridges.  Previously my focus was only Shure m44-7 but realise that could be sacrificing sound quality... not sure where to go from here.
Thanks for your help!
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Good evening to you!


You'd be better off if you posted your questions in a more appropriate section ( "Beginners & Purchasing Advice" perhaps ). Usually get a lot more views there, and hence a bigger range of answers.

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Have a browse around, and check out all the different sections. You might find a more relevant section for all questions, or you might put a different question in each relevant section;  a post in amplifiers, another in speakers, and so on. Whatever takes your fancy. You may not get an answer, but you are almost guaranteed to get an opinion!

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Welcome aboard Mark, plenty of members in Melbourne, I'm sure you get some great help/advise soon.

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Hey mate, if you’re running a DJ setup consider some active near field monitors. They will perform great whilst you dj and will have a good chunk of power for critical listening.  

Things have changed a lot on the active speaker front and you can get inexpensive options from many of the other manufacturers. From Behringer at the cheap end and up through fostex, m-audio, krk towards genelec and focal there are heaps to look at.


i’d take a visit to your local store dj store and have a listen in their room and while you’re there ask them about your tonearm.  They are a wealth of knowledge on that front.

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