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Amplifier to suit 97dB speakers

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Item: Amplifier to suit 97dB speakers
Price Range: up to $4000
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info: I am considering purchasing a set of AN-e speakers and am looking at the cost to get into an amplifier that will suit the speakers for Jazz, Blues, some orchestral and an occasional Rock session.


I look forward to listening to a Set amplifier and have thought that: Almarro , Tom Evans, Audio Note, Manley, Luxman, Leben, Line Magnetic (and I am sure there will be many others) might work and, therefore present a wide range of performance and price point. I live in Dunsborough the SW of Western Australia however do travel to Perth quite often which presents an easier ship to location.


Thanks in advance for taking the time to look and perhaps either, offer an amp you have for sale or advice which is also most welcome.



John McManus


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Hi John,


@Smp had some beautiful 300B Cary Mono Blocks for sale.... would be a match made in heaven with the AN-E speakers, he is in Perth :thumb:

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Older and sometimes quite reasonably priced AN UK Meishu or the new and actually not too expensive AN Cobra should work well and off course the Kondo Overture pops up occasionally but isn’t the cheapest on the planet. At least with those amps you save preamps and cables. 

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