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FOUND: WTB: 5V 2.5-3A linear psu

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Item: 5V 2.5-3A linear psu
Price Range: any
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info: looking for a high quality psu. Preferably in a black coloured enclosure.


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DSCN0215-resize.jpg.f11ded2f70e678870f51074a5c5d001f.jpgDSCN0211-resize.jpg.8aa2e5d637c4c3372ec561237cdb0188.jpgWhat type of output connector does it need to have?  USB Type A, USB-C,  round barrel jack?

Does it need a single output or multiple outputs?

Something like the above pictures but with USB or d.c. barrel jack connector(s) instead of the one shown?



Alan R.

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added pics
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Still looking guys. 

am on a budget... say $200 or less.  Happy with used. 

in terms of connector needed: 

DC plug 5.5/2.1mm (5.5/2.5mm compatible), center pin positive.

its to power a lspu power board mod for my bluesound node2i streamer :)



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18 hours ago, tuyen said:

Think ozcal has sold the shanti ps already...



I have one of these in my system. 

I think they are great for the money. 

Noise floor is -1uv. 


Not many linear supplies will do that... 


If you are planning on using this for a digital stage, you could argue a great SMPS would be better than Linear. 

Unless you plan on spending big money on an sBooster or similar. 

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I suspect the ifi would measure a lot better.... in the noise, ripple department. 


Only one way to try.... 

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