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Long time listener first time caller...

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Hey Stereonet Fam,


I've been on here for a little while now juat looking about but havent been actively involved....time to take the leap.


My audio journey has only just started in the last 2 years...from an old Bose Surround System, then to a brand new set of B&W 603's hooked up at an Electrocompaniet ECI-3 integrated amp, and a bluenode.....


Just recently upgraded to a Electrocompaniet AW 2 x 120 Power Amp & EC 4.7 Preamp... life changing....


Look forward to engaging further!




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Howdy Nathan,


Good to see you joining, there is lots of great information and interesting reading on the forums. I also started my audio journey with a Bose system and then made the leap to a separates system in 2011. It has been an engaging, fun and rewarding journey since then. 


You seem to have a great system, the Electrocompaniet amps I have heard have sounded beautiful. It's great to hear you have heard and felt the differences of going with a separated hi-fi system.  Have you thought about getting into vinyl as part of the development of your system?





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Hi Nathan, 

I'm running an electrocompaniet eci2 and love it. I had to downsize from a pair of Tannoy 15" monitor golds and have chosen a pair of Bose killers, Alderwood Eros Pro cubes with Atlas pro sub. It sounds magnificent. 

I'm mainly using Tidal, but am about to connect a turntable to the system. 

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