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SOLD: FS: Synergistic Research Tesla Precision Reference Interconnects

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Item Condition: 8/10
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: North Ryde, Sydney
State: NSW
Payment Method: Cash, bank transfer
Reason for selling: No longer using


These interconnects are 2 metres in length, terminated with XLR.  They are from the original series of TESLA PR cables, not the current TESLA “LE” PR model.  However, they are still excellent cables.  Have a couple of very small nicks in the terminators.  The cables themselves have never been unduly bent or twisted - their internal integrity is still excellent.  The powered shields work fine.  One owner only.  Includes two brand new power supplies (for the cable shields) with AUS plugs (not Shuko plugs typical of SR).  Note the new power supplies are not from Synergistic Research but are entirely compatible with the old MPC power packs.  Serial number of cables is PR IC 0165.  Comes in original box.  Willing to consider reasonable offers....


Taken from the SR archives (at https://www.synergisticresearch.com/precision-reference/)...


"The original TESLA cable, now called the TESLA LE Precision Reference, is extremely fast, with an ultra dynamic presentation of low frequencies and seeming limitless air. TESLA LE Precision Reference consists of dual Tricon geometries along with PMC (Pure Mono Crystal) silver conductors, which is the purest form of TESLA technology. TESLA LE Precision Reference interconnect presents truly amazing detail and signal speed in a way that is also extremely natural and musical. The sound is HUGE, with amazing air that seems to decay into infinity. In addition to selected conductor material and geometry, TESLA LE Precision Reference interconnects combine a brand new unique Zero Capacitance Active Shielding circuitry, which actually prevents phase shift anomalies throughout the bandwidth in signal transfer. The result is a much lower noise floor, blacker background, and accurate images, that just seem to hang in the air."


If you wish to purchase, please just reply to me.  No need to post a “PM Sent” message.  See the guidelines.


Donation to StereoNet upon sale.


(Sorry, but the SNA website has turned my photos upside down....)


Further information:




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