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SOLD: FS: Pass Labs XP-20 Preamplifier with upgraded Passage CryoSilver™ Reference DB-25 umbilical power cable

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Item Condition: Great condition
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Telopea
State: NSW
Payment Method: Paypal(+3% for fee), EFT, Cash on Pickup etc
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:

If you know Pass Labs, this XP-20 preamp is no need to introduce, it is one of the best preamp I have owned. I upgraded from a latest modern-design Primare Pre35 preamp and was floored with the improvement on what a great preamp can do. Soundstage is suddenly expanded, background noise becomes blacker and I could hear so many more things that I missed with a lesser pre. I would say a Preamp is as important as amp, anyone skims on preamp would not get the best of your system and it is not a proper audio system setup IMO.

It is known for no-compromise two-boxes design which separates transformer and AC input state to a dedicated box to eliminate electronic noise/magnetic and mechanical interference to sensitive signal path. This is an improvement from XP-10 to further lower noise floor.


Originally acquired it to pair with Pass Labs X250.5 which is a perfect combo in synergy matching and gave me satisfied electronic level. Upgrading speakers triggered me to change directions to new levels. Retailed price in Australia was around 15.5k plus, come with upgraded more $US 1000   Revelation Audio Labs DB-25 cables which provide extreme shielding and undeniable performance improvement. http://revelationaudiolabs.com/cables-power/index.htm#PassageDB-25

Its smaller brother Pass Labs XP-10 is current at an asking price $6,459 https://www.classaaudio.com.au/pre-amplifiers/209-pass-labs-xp-10-preamplifier-ex-demo.html
My asking price is for Pass Labs XP-20 which is a class above


My asking price is not inexpensive but from 15-17k (fluctuate) rrp plus upgraded power cables > us $1k, it is more than 60% . I have original double boxes and can post anywhere in Australia at some extra expense.


Bonus: Synergy Research Orange Fuses to come as upgraded fuse. I have original fuse too.





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Pass Labs XP-20 Preamplifier.png


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  • ikhuong changed the title to FS: Pass Labs XP-20 Preamplifier with upgraded Passage CryoSilver™ Reference DB-25 umbilical power cable
1 hour ago, Electrovoice Interface. said:

Could i ask what those beefy looking XLR cables are plz ?


Furutech Lineflux and Inakustik NF-1204 XLRs



Pending payment ....

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