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DaRick is Da Newb in Da StereoNet House

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Hey everyone,


After years of putting up with my Logitech Z speakers and having the cherished, memorable privilege of increasingly hearing them crackle and pop (12+ years of use will do that), I decided to get some new speakers.


Originally, I was just going to get the Audioengine A5+ and be done with it. However, some wise soul, or wag depending upon your perspective, informed me that there was a world beyond the Creative or Logitech speakers that so dominate in the computer speaker world. Oh, to be sure, one can't complain about 12+ years of use from a speaker set, but why CAN'T one expand their boundaries outside the narrow world of computer speakers?


The heart of the matter is, that it's been an ongoing process of learning - sometimes frustrating but ultimately enlightening - about ohms, impedance, step-down transformers, voltage converters, stacking units, audio cables. Naturally, mistakes were made because I was just learning as I went along, but I am finally patching together an audio system, by utilising a value approach to the best of my abilities.

-  2 X DYNaudio emit m10 Speakers (6 Ohms at 150W (2x75W?) 

- SONY TA-V715 amplifier (6 ohms at 2x80W) with a free CDP-V715 CD Player

- FocusRite 2i4 2nd Gen Audio Interface/DAC

- Yamaha NS-SW100 active subwoofer

- Stinger SCGN141 55ww Fixed Line Out Converter with Adjustable Remote Control

- Kenwood KAC-PS702EX Power Amplifier 




So, a mix of the old and new, the trendy versus the forgotten, the advanced being followed (literally and metaphorically) by the more basic equipment, with the Europeans and Japanese fighting it out for influence. 


Of course, cables, jacks and transformers are coming, yada yada yada. So please don't worry about how I'm going to run this thing. 


This was probably overkill, but I bought the Kenwood and then used the Stinger as a line-out to the Yamaha (I was worried about putting too much strain on the SONY Amp - might have been unfounded but better to be safe than sorry. Besides, this KENWOOD could power a passive subwoofer in future - who knows?).  The Kenwood/SONY will be both hooked up to FocusRite. In what positions, I'm not 100% sure of. Have to re-read the instructions. 


Unfortunately, in audio installation wars, there are casualties, and my casualty is the Topping E30. Those in the know will know where to look. This is not an ad or a classified. 


Oh, BTW, just so I don't seen like some audio savant or a psychotic obsessive whose first word was probably "audio":

- I like cricket, though I haven't liked Tim Paine through away good positions more than once during the series

- I like football (soccer) - I support Chelsea (ENG), Fiorentina (ITA), Urawa Red Diamonds (JPN), Brisbane Roar 

- I'm a casual fan of AFL - I follow the Brisbane Lions now-and-again

- I don't watch much league or union, but nonetheless I support QLD, Broncos and Reds


Great to be here and any thoughts or comments are welcome!

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