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SOLD: FS: LEHMANN AUDIO Headphone Amp / preamp LINEAR with greenwagon mods!

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Item Condition: Excellent - as new
Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Brisbane North
State: QLD
Payment Method: Paypal as a friend
Reason for selling: Exceess to requirements

Further information:


 This is newest model of the Lehmann Linear headphone amp / preamp. It is a very expensive little  unit (RRP is about $1400). They use very high quality parts and are bulletproof.


In stock form they are really great amps. Most reviews centre on their use as a headphone amp' in which case they are very competitive with units in their price range. I've used this for about 10 hours in total, and that was as a preamp / buffer. I'm not going to use it my setup now.


I managed to convince Nigel (older members will remember him as Greenwagon) to bring his soldering iron out of mothballs and do 2 things to really improve it:


- The standard dual-channel op-amp is a DIP8 unit but disappointingly it's soldered hard to the PCB so you are stuck with the standard on, BUT, I got Nigel to replace this with a high quality DIP8 adapter (gold plated copper construction).  Now you can op-amp roll to your heart's content. I've got genuine APO627's in there that are on dual to single adapter. You might want to try other op-amps. I think the Burson ones should fit. The Sparkos ones do. The OPA627 is definately less laid back than the standard op-amp - much more insight into what's going on in the music.


- We removed the Wima input caps' and replaced them with very tasty Jantzen Superiors. Everything goes through the input caps and the Wima just didn't inspire confidence. The Jantzen on the other hand allow everything to pass through unhindered. All parts of the performance just get cranked up. We kept the value at 2.2uf as per factory.


This unit offers variable gain, 6dB, 10dB and 20dB. It really sounds great as a preamp but you could use it also as a buffer - either at lower gain or set the volume back if you already have enough gain in your system. It also has the power to drive a lot of different headphones and can run 2 at a time if you like sharing. 


These reviews are for the previous model. I believe all the specs are the same except the new model has the new fascia and maybe some mild improvements:









Winner of lots of awards and rave reviews, in its stock form. These mods, I believe allow it to reach its full potential.




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