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Linn LP-12 Hi-Fi Guru Laminated Top Plate upgrade

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After talking with Simon from Hi-Fi Guru he suggested I try one of their new laminated top plate on my modified LP-12 that has already been fitted with one of their Oak plinths and a Corian sub chassis (not hifi guru).


The new laminated top plate arrived last Thursday and install on Friday, but a few LP spun before the installation just to provide a reference point before the upgrade.

The top plate was provided with all new mounting hardware required so only issue was moving the motor from the old Linn top plate to the new one. Once all setup with the suspension all bouncing nicely and the speed checked and set correctly using the 3150Hz test signal with FFT meter it was time to spin a few reference discs.


First was the latest Eagles live from the forum MMXVIII album, the first thing noticed was the noise floor was amazingly lower than with the standard Linn top plate the Linn LP-12 bass hump was gone and replaced with the same grove with more defined bass separation and a fuller mid-bass and better top to bottom balance.


Next was the David Bowie live at Glastonbury 2000, on this album the sound stage depth and size was amazing when compared to the original top plate. The Under Pressure track on side 5 just has amazing bass drive and you can follow everything in the bass with great separation.


I must say the improvements changing to the Hi-Fi Guru plinth was a great step up from the original Linn plinth, but the new laminated top plate has pushed thing to a new level.


Current LP-12
Plinth:    Hi-Fi Guru
Top Plate:  Hi-Fi Guru
Sub Chassis:  WTPaudio Corian Sub Chassis
Arm board: Standard Linn
Arm: Linn Ittok LV-2
Cartridge: Dynavector XX2mkII 
New Top Plate underside



Plinth stripped in JigIMG_3814.thumb.jpg.9b08d904b5cbbea2877cd0a237cee4b6.jpg


Sub Chassis and Arm board




Kinky Tool to align the arm mount.




After install 



Before with Linn Top Plate


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3 hours ago, Batty said:


Is it still a Linn LP12?



Absoloootely!  :)  The way I see it ... the underlying basis for the 'Linn sound' is that:

  1. it's a sprung TT
  2. it has belt drive, and
  3. the Linn bearing - which in increasing SQ goes: original / Cirkus / and now Karousel.

All the other things (plinth, top-plate, sub-platter, motor & motor controller) are just tweaks.




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That plinth looks very solid as well. What's the story with that? 

I have an LP12 that I think sounds pretty decent - does the top plate make that much difference it's hard to fathom it could do anything better than the original design...?




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