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Hi, thanks for the add I'm Louise

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Looking for advice for my Akai am-u02 amp, 

I think we just blew it, we can still here it switch on an off, but there is no power to the display. 

Is it fixable? Thanks in advance

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Hard to say with so little information.

Was it working ok, then one day stopped working?

Was it in storage and stopped working when you first sried to use it?

Did you just connect some speakers and accidentally short a channel or leave one disconnected?

So many potential reasons for it to stop working.



Register for a free account and you can get a user manual and a service manual.


Disconnect it from the mains power.

Take the lid off, look at all and any fuses, check for blown fuses.

Look for burnt/broken/cracked/overheated components.

Look for insects/spiders causing a short between pcb tracks or component leads, etc.

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