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SOLD: SOLD: FS: Revelation Audio Labs hdmi cable 1 metre

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Item Condition: As new.
Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Brisbane
State: QLD
Payment Method: Paypal as a friend please.
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:


 This is the illustrious RAL HDMI (I2S) cable as raved over in multiple mags and by people on such forums as the PS Audio.

I bought it because I just had to try it out and compare it against my Wireworld Silver Starlight HDMI. Results are, that neither is better, they are just different. Which is probably no surprise.

The RAL offers a more relaxed and rich take on things. It certainly has a good flow and low noise floor so no lack of detail.

The Wireworld is more in your face and I suppose detail oriented. Which you consider better is a matter of taste and system balance. I find this is similar to comparisons I've made between the WW high end USB cables and the other high end USB alternatives.


A very good I2S cable which is a useful length. It's basically been just run in. Connectors and conductor / sheathing are all in totally smicko condition.





"Revelation Audio Labs was also chosen by The Absolute Sound magazine for the 2018 Golden Ear Award, published in their September issue (#286) - one of only three cable brands to be awarded the 2018 Golden Ear, the only digital cable chosen, and the only cable under the four thousand dollar ($4,000.00) price point.  Note: since NO CABLE was chosen for the 2019 Golden Ear Award, we currently remain as one of the last few cables to receive a Golden Ear Award."


No low ball offers please.










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