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Item Condition: As new
Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Brisbane
State: QLD
Payment Method: Paypal as a friend
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:


I tested this unit to see whether it would work in my system. It turns out I'm going to need a bit more gain in my setup, this unit is zero gain, so 1v in = 1v out. Which is not a negative,  that's just the way a true buffer should work.

This is a class-A device that acts as a buffer, it presents a really high input impedance to the source (CD player, DAC etc) and presents a very low output impedance to the target (a preamp or integrated).

The idea is that some devices  like DACs may not have a terribly low output impedance and that some preamps or amplifiers may not have a high input impedance. This devices sits in the middle, providing the ideal input / output impedances. 

It uses 2X dual op-amps so if you are so inclined, you could put in some different op-amps, perhaps.

A nice, tidy unit looking for a good home ;)








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