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Gday all.

I have a NAD 777v3.  Small sub, centre and fronts/surrounds which are the basically the same.  I like music from all four speakers and run them in stero mode as Im a tad deaf.  Reading this site I see amps mentioned and how they can help with power etc.  No idea and can I use another brand.  I know they can be connected as I have the pre outs.  What confuses me is how many watts, how big, how many and ohms confuse me as well.  Do I stick to the same brand as I have read there could be compatibility problems? For example; I have seen a NAD https://www.selby.com.au/brands/nad-electronics/nad-c268-stereo-power-amplifier.html

Spec does not mention 4 ohhms as per my speakers, hence scratching my head.   I have seen setups where two massive front speakers require an amp for each to run.  What about my four for example.  Would I connect two of the above NAD amps and daisy chain?  I get one amp will do the front but curious about four.  My speakers are not huge and I dont want to mortgage my house.  Next step is visit a HiFi shop and get advice.  What could I start off with as I have seen quite a few 2nd hand ones here in the classifieds.  Appreciate the help.  Ta

Fronts http://www.orpheusaudio.com.au/products/aurora-2-and-3.html

Surrounds http://www.orpheusaudio.com.au/products/apollo.html

Centre Orpheus as well.

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