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Gday all.

I recently purchased another set of speakers.  They are the same as my fronts.  My room is open and Im a tad deaf.  When playing music I like sound coming from all four speakers and run them in stereo mode.  I normally turn the centre off via pre set for music listening.  What I did not understand was on connecting for the 1st time; I was not getting sound from all four speakers ie when watching Foxtel with some shows.  The new speakers were filling in...as such.  I get it now.  I just wanted more noise ie people talking in a show and sound not just from the fronts and centre but all.

 Is it ok to disconnect the new speakers from surround and connect them to speaker B section?  Do all four work together ok in this config?  Manual states speaker B is an auxiliary set for remote locations such as other rooms etc.  Speaker B selection, all surround sound sources are down mixed to stereo.  Combining A+B will result in the source being down mixed to stereo,  which I like.  I assume I can. Yup far from a guru.  Appreciate your help.  Ta

 From the NAD manual :


• Connect the respective SPEAKER A’s FRONT L, FRONT R, CENTER,
SURR R, SURR L, SURR-BL and SURR-BR channels to their
corresponding loudspeakers. Make sure the “+” (red) terminal and
“-“(black) terminal are connected to the corresponding “+” and
“-“terminals of the loudspeaker. Use extra care to ensure that no
stray wires or strands cross between posts or terminals at either end.
• Connect left and right channels of SPEAKERS B to corresponding
remote loudspeakers. When SPEAKERS B is activated, the output
is converted to “Stereo Downmix”. Combining SPEAKER A and
SPEAKER B (SPEAKERS A + B) will also result to the source being
down mixed to stereo.
• The T 777 is designed to produce optimum sound quality when
connected to speakers with impedances within its operating range.
Please make sure that all the speakers are rated 4Ω minimum per

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