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SOLD: FS: Abbas Audio EL84 RIAA Tube Pre-Amplifier

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Item Condition: As new
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: VIRGINIA QLD 4014
State: QLD
Payment Method: Cash on pickup
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:


I've less than 30 hours on this so not even burned in really. No chance to play Lp's since the little one came along. Now going digital only.


Hi End RIAA Tube Pre-Amplifier "abbasaudio" in the metal housing




Preamplifier has extremely transparent sound . Very simple scheme and vintage parts from old sound equipment provide incredible sounding of acoustic instruments and the human voice with a high overload capacity and powerful bass range.

Classical circuit design: EF86 input stage ,powerful low impedance triode output stage (el84) ,paper in oil siemens output capacitors, allen bradley and tantalum resistors , audionote and black gate electrolitic capacitors.
Board  covered with gold and special varnish for better sound.
U out max 50v p-p.
Voltage Gain 45dB.
Max.input voltage 350mV.
Tube rectifier EZ80 ,high-quality toroidal transformer.

Hand made output chokes.

Tubes that will be included:

EF86 NOS OVP philips , pair

EL84 valvo or siemens, selected pair.

EZ80 valvo or mullard













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i just got one of these and wanted to put my 2 cents in regarding its performance.  outstanding!  bass for days!!

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Yes, it's the best I've experienced.  Unfortunately with the little one I just don't use. Likewise just had a big blue with the missus about equipment purchases not an hour ago. :(


Will end up listing 3x turntables, this phono stage, a SUT,  my cartirdges and all my vinyl. I'll likely flog the vinyl as a bulk sale. I can't be bothered selling individually. No time for that.

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Abbas makes top gear, very nice.


An internal pic of this phono stage for the lovers of naked gear ? Lots of quality parts new and vintage used in this. Abbas has a nack of reproducing a very realistic sound from his designs/builds.




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