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SOLD: FS: Nord One UP NC500DM Stereo Power Amplifier

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Item Condition: Left channel not working
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Mordialloc
State: VIC
Payment Method: Cash on Pickup
Reason for selling: Left channel not working

Further information:


Great sounding amp while it's working. Unfortunately a small roach got into the power supply module for the left channel when I switched it off to move furnitures last week. Switching the amplifier back on that night fried the roach and also shorted the circuit. Right channel is working perfectly fine.


I don't have the knowledge nor the tools to properly "de-bug" and repair it myself, even though it seems straight forward.


The power supply module costs about $300 AUD shipped (VAT excluded amount plus shipping)


(the link above is just an example, may not be the exact model installed in this amp)


Any other questions please let me know.





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