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FS: Elite Electronic Industries (EEI) 700 Parabolic Cartridge

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: VIC 3030
State: VIC
Payment Method: Cash, EFT
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:


Fantastic cartridge that compete with mid priced MC carts.


Condition is great and cantilever is dead straight and stylus tip looks good. Not sure exact number of hours but ran low hours.


Compared with Ortofon 2M Blue and no competition. This dig out more details out of groove and bigger soundstage.


The cantilever is thinnest one that I have seen so far from MM cart so may need more care.


Here is the spec that I found from net.


3.5mV output
Load impedance 47k ohms
Output impedance 2,500 ohms
Boron cantilever
Nude parabolic diamond stylus
Tracks at 1.8g





Do not have original box but will be packed well for new owner and listed price includes shipping nationwide.


Sorry for poor photos. I try to capture more details on stylus tip but my old phone does not cut it for the task and could not make it focus.






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Interesting information about EEI from AK site.


Elite Electronic Industries EEI 700 Classic nude parabolic (line contact) stylus, laminated pole pieces, boron cantilever, recommended tracking force 1.5-1.75g, and included a number of refinements which were only included on the most expensive MM cartridges. This is the best cartridge of the lot, and was highly regarded.

Elite Electronic Industries (EEI) were an Australian electronics manufacturer from Melbourne, who designed and sold hi-fi amplifiers, as well as a range of parabolic styli, and some cartridges that they designed, and which were made to their designs by a Japanese OEM. Im not sure who the OEM who manufactured the styli and cartridges for them was, but it may have been someone like Nagaoka. They also had a stylus alignment gauge which was suitable for most cartridges, and which was sold with at least some of their cartridges (perhaps all of them), as well as separately for AUD$20 (1981 price).

Their CEO, engineer and cartridge designer was Peter Wright (no, not the infamous former MI5 spy and fellow Tasmanian resident, incidentally who wrote the book Spycatcher, that the government banned in England!). The styli were available for a range of cartridges including popular models from Ortofon, Shure and Stanton even some top-end models such as the Shure V15 Type III were covered.

Australian stylus re-tippers Garrott Brothers once had a very cheeky ad describing how a blind test by some reviewers found that their Weinz Paroc (parabolic) stylus re-tips sounded better than the parabolic replacements from a well-known brand. They didnt name EEI (they didnt want to get in legal trouble), but it was obvious thats who their blind test had been against, since they were the only company offering parabolic stylus replacements for a range of different brand cartridges in Australia at the time!

The EEI cartridges got good reviews, partly because of their (mainly) parabolic styli, and were exported to 23 different countries, including NZ, and England, where they were introduced by Aussie engineer Max Townshend when he discovered that they werent sold there. Hed previously been the NSW state distributor when he ran a hi-fi shop in Sydney, before he moved to England. Vinylengine wrongly think that Townshend manufactured them, because he included his name on the EEI cartridges he sold in England! EEI were best known in Australia and NZ, as youd expect. The cheapest EEI cartridge model (300) had a conical stylus, the next model up (400) had an elliptical, and all the rest had parabolic styli. There was even a low output MM model, the 747, which also had a boron cantilever and nude parabolic stylus.


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I've got one of these, they are a true vintage cart. I purchased mine in the early 80's so it's near 40 yrs old. Not sure when the company closed but it was a while back. GLWTS.

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I purchased one of their replacement styli for my Shure V15 III back in the late 70's, made a huge improvement. And I heard this cart itself, it sounded first class. GLWTS

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Does anyone know if ES70 stylus would fit this cartridge?


According to the photo, it seems that it is exactly same without stylus guard.


If it does fit, then Excel ES70S (Conical), ES70E (Elliptical) can be a good alternative replacement stylus.

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