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"The Yamaha NS-1000M loudspeaker is proof that a major manufacturer can create a unique loudspeaker that in some ways has no peers, even now, 40 years on." {Liquid Mike, 2016, Liquid Audio)

They look impressive. How much power are you looking for? What levels do you listen at, and to what?





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You are dead right mate! I ended up getting the right amp (I believe) for power and looks both. Imported a MINT (not a scratch, clean like brand new) PC2002M from Japan. The seller does charge you $ but the technician in-house fully checks them and has them running for hours before shipping. Best shipping I have ever seen as well, in terms of packing material used. 

Really impressed with the sound compared to my Sansui G6000, which was adding that classical Sansui warmth - which actually is musical for certain type of music I find - great even for classics. But the power wasn't there, it wasn't airy enough. This thing has impressed me tremendously, even at lowest volumes - with cheap DAC till I wait for my new one to come to run it all balanced on some mogami cables. 


I am surprised at the difference on how these have opened up now, what a great piece of kit. Eventually want to try it with a B2X if I get my hands on one of them too. The A-2000 , I was reading was made on B2X design and heard drives these nicely. I just couldn't pass on this mint PC2002M and I am glad I pulled the trigger even though I paid a fortune $1500 for this mint piece with shipping and tax etc. 


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