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SOLD: Sonus Faber Amati Homage loudspeakers

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Item Condition: Perfect
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Floreat
State: WA
Payment Method: EFT, Cash on pickup
Reason for selling: upgrading

Further information:

 These are wonderful speakers and helped put Sonus Faber on the map as a true High End manufacturer. These speakers are absolutely superb in sound and look wonderful. Read Michael Fremer's review (https://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/139/index.html). 


The major sonic features of the Amatis are the incredibly warm and detailed sound, refined midrange and treble and deep deep bass. As Michael Fremer said in 1999: "It'll sweep you off your feet with its physical beauty and graceful sonic performance. I'm sorry it costs so much, but this is one expensive speaker whose build quality and performance are worth every penny. In fact, at $US 20,000/pair, it's probably underpriced."

The photos of the small rear brass plates are a little blurred but they state "929" (build number as in the manual , see photo), and "Anno 2003 Fecit" (which is the build date in Latin) 


 I have priced the speakers cheaper than any listed price on HiFi Shark. I am happy to demonstrate them but only to genuine purchasers. I do NOT have original cartons so these would best suit a buyer in Western Australia. Shipping is possible but would be expensive and risky.




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8 minutes ago, Sevoman said:




Hiya, how bigger room have you got these in and how far away from the rear wall ? 

cheers Dave 

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11 hours ago, cafe67 said:

Hiya, how bigger room have you got these in and how far away from the rear wall ? 

cheers Dave 

6x4 metres. speakers 60 cm from side wall and 20 cm from rear wall

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