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Came across this in an op shop the other day. Of course the original label was "Hawaiian melodies" so I scanned a more appropriate one and stuck it over the top.

Have seen other ones of these and some can be quite well done but they always have a label that is not relevant to the picture. Kamal label with AC/DC picture. 

You would think that the sellers would sell more if the label matched the picture but perhaps only compulsives ,like our selves, are that bothered.


I assume they are cut by a CNC machine but not really sure.


Still the best find I have had at an op shop for years.


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Yes, they are CNC cut.  I was worried a great album was sacrificed, but it was a label switcheroo (although there are some fantastic Hawaiian records out there).  Even knowing this, looking at this makes me feel a record came to a needless end.


I read a story about a guy who bought a gramophone on impulse from an antique store, his wife was not impressed.  When it was in his car and driving home he explained that he bought it because the disk on the player was a very rare Robert Johnson 78 worth thousands more than he paid for the player.  Only to find the antique dealer did a label switcheroo.  It must have created a lot of good business at the antique store. 

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