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Speakers Mission 753 (origin/freedom)

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I am (in Canberra) after a pair of Mission 753 to mate with my amp Pioneer A400x for classical music. 

Haven't listened these speakers in person. Any comments? Worth to try?

Any one in Canberra have ones so I can try and then buy them?

Thanks and cheers,



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I purchased some 753s to replace a pair of 765 Argonauts back in the early 90’s. I loved them. They were run with a Musical Fidelity A100 integrated and then some MA65 mono blocks. 

I was never critical of them at all but I did rewire them internally with Straightwire 4 core which really opened them up. But they seemed to do everything very well and received accolades to show for it. They were eventually sold to make way for some Mordaunt Short Performance 880 speakers at 3x the price. 

A friend on the Gold Coast has a black pair with original tweeters (non-Freedom model) he may want to part with. An A400 will do but they’ll definitely respond well to something much better too. 

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Hi Quan,

If your still looking, but I am in Brisbane.


I have a pair of Mission 753s in black timber veneer (not the Freedom model).

I have owned them since about 1997. They were a near new trade in/back when I got them, if I recall correctly, new retail in Aus was in the $4k range (others might be able to confirm). So basically in my possession nearly all of their life.

All original. Very very very little use. They are not perfect condition, but for their age, are probably as close as you would ever get other than a set never removed for the carton. I have seen the odd set for sale over the years, and most did not appear as good a condition.


Unfortunately when I moved into my current home (they have only been moved once), I got rid of the original cartons, thinking I was never going to part with them.... ever.

But the plans for a dedicated 2 ch listening set up in my theater just did not quite fit as planned. And I was not happy to have them in a non dedicated living area, with average acoustics, where they just never got used.


I also have the same vintage, mint condition:

Denon PMA-1500R amplifier (gold)

Denon DCD-1650AR CD player (gold)

Denon TU-S10 reciever (gold)

Kimber cable speaker leads

Kimber cable RCA interconnects (1 set).

All remotes, original manuals etc. as new, all very little use. Unfortunately after keeping them for many years, cartons are also now gone.

I was considering packaging this all together and listing for sale or separately.


Feel free to send me a PM if you like and I can send you my number to discuss.




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What a great system that Denon and Missions would make. I used to sell all this gear back in the day. What great memories...

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