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WTB:VIFA M25W0-39-08 or P25W0-00-08 10" Woofer

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Item: re building my old 3 way kit from the late 80's Kids destroyed the woofers and so I need two replacements.
Price Range:will consider all reasonable offers
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info




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If you have issues finding either of these woofers, which I think will be the case, there are some Scanspeak discovery 10" units that might be worth looking at as possible drop-in replacements. 



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This one might work too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Peerless-830668-10-Paper-Cone-SLS-Subwoofer-/173950850505

In both cases, these woofers are a little bit larger in diameter than the Vifa so if they are recessed into the baffle and there is little or no gap around them then you might have to modify the baffle.

Do you have any details of the kit?

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Hi .

Thanks for the advice ,but the plan is to go with the original drivers as the box is tuned to their specs .


A long time ago I had one of the staff at scanspeak ( they imported mostly Scandinavian

  driver and speaker kits re calculate the port length for the long throw drivers.

The original kit was published in Electronics Australia in 1987

If I cannot get Whole drivers I'll try and find somewhere I can get the voice coils re wound 


I may get lucky . haha.


There were a pair for sale in the U.S.A but including shipping the cost was ridiculous.



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The VAS, resonant freq and QTS are quite similar on the Vifa and the Peerless drivers that I linked to which I why I pointed them out. But good luck with your search.

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