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I sell parts and components for vintage hifi gear on eBay. Every once in a while, I get querries regarding turntable cue lift mechanisms and tonearm damping.

It was very heart warming to find a couple of answers on this forum and thus felt a strong desire to join and congratulate those who contribute here!

As a retired engineer, I know that most problems have already been encountered and solved by others before me, and my search for answers led me here, where fellow enthusiasts unselfishly help, guide and inform others.


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Yes, and they were not suggestions, but actual work carried on damping with happy results!

So, I feel confident that the quality of your support from half way across the globe will eventually  rival and gain respect from other more established audio forums. 

The photos are of paramount importance and when combined with instructions inspire others to tackle a task that seemed daunting at the start.

 I too,  hope to contribute with my experiences, to make this an educative and interesting place to visit.

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Seja bem vindo patricio! 

What is your eBay shop I would not mind having a look. Please send me a PM (private message) if you prefer.


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Thank you all for your welcome messages!

On my ebay store, I have parts for the Quad II valve amplifiers and ESL 57 Electrostatic Speakers. Also silicone oil and capacitor kits for the Thorens turntables. If you make a search for "silicone Oil damping Thorens" you should find some of my items and you can then check out all my items from the store:collectibles_vintage_hifi_speakers_electronics

Please feel free to ask any questions and I would be happy to help, especially with the Thorens, Quad Amps and speakers with which I am quite familiar. 

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