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KEF Reference Floorstand Bass Reflex Speaker - Model 203/2

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Hi Everyone


We gratefully received some KEF Reference Floorstand Bass Reflex Speakers  - Model 203/2 as a wedding gift 11 years ago but have not used them, and they have been boxed until last year.


I was recommended your chat group from various HiFi shops in Melbourne to start some discussions on value and potential purchase interest levels.











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In the past week the bookshelf version with stands (stands are expensive) sold. Advertised $3.5K. Not sure they sold for. They are not efficient so need powerful amp(s) to drive them. Plus factor in the cost of jumper leads if using single amp i.e. not bi or as designed tri amped.


I think you could advertise for $5k so sell fairly quickly or $7k if willing to wait and if don't sell drop the price.


Agree would have loved these as a wedding present!


Hope that helps seller or buyer.



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Very nice loudspeakers - I owned KEF 105s in the early 80s and a couple of LS50 pairs more recently and like the KEF sound. Based on the HiFiShark used prices (around 2500 Euro) I agree that these should fetch at least $5000 given excellent condition. While well-reviewed by Stereophile etc, hard to get $7000+ in today's market. KEF has continued to moved on since these were released. Good luck with your sale.

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Potential buyer may also want to see and hear them working so connect to an amplifier and music source.

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Thank you everyone for jumping on and giving me your thoughts on these speakers, this has been super helpful. I will list these in classifieds and see how we go!

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